Empty Balconies

They can look so lonely

These empty balconies

Hanging on some wall

Tied up

No prospect of release

Can’t go in when it gets cold

Stuck with the sun

Stuck with the same view  


Day and night 

Waiting for someone to come 

And make the moment special

Leave some magic there to vibrate 

Day and night

Waiting to be close to life  

Better someone full of pain and ache than no one


It can be so lovely to have a balcony

To fill it up with flowers for everyone to see

You just go in if it gets cold 

Or you sit under the sun 

And watch the view 


Through day and night 

But waiting for someone to come 

and make the moment more special

Leave some magic there to vibrate  

Day and night 

Waiting to be spotted 

by someone who’d want to come up, stay, and never go 


I’ve changed my mind about these balconies

They’re not empty, they are filled with opportunities

And aren't half as sad a sight as any balcony

Filled with someone lonely  

All Material copyright © Torun Eriksen
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