From the recording Luxury & Waste


Shopping on a Rainy Day

Now I know what happened
There was not enough resistance
Not enough to fight for, to lose, to miss
Not enough to stay awake for

And now I know where I stepped wrong
I got sad instead of angry
Got numb instead of feeling pain
And I looked down
And I shouldn’t have

History may have changed in that moment
And I might be the only one not knowing
There are new times again

Now that I know what happened
My old self comes crying up
Unpolished and impatient
It’s me there in the park shadow boxing in the dark
With fury and crazy fear

Don’t laugh at me
It’s a real fight
Do not laugh at me
This is a real fight
It is a real fight

For the losing
And the missing
For those who must stay awake
Be on guard
Who left love to save love and now run without rest
I punch the air to hit well-meaning abuse
The ugly abuse
I punch harder to hit the evil abuse
Hard as I can and with both hands for all this that I can’t beat
Knowing in my heart this rebellion is just another way
of going shopping on a rainy day
Luxury and waste

History may change in this very moment
While I am out here alone standing up for nothing
and for no one
And all around me there are new times again