From the recording Grand White Silk


Grand White Silk

Snow came back to this warm winter
But then you’d gone away
Without leaving your goodbyes
You left so quietly
Did you send white winter to remind us of normality?
-Seasons change and people die

I like to think you knew the time had come,
in your sleep you were called upon
By the one you longed to be with
And so he showed you what to bring and what to leave behind
Anxiety is not needed there where soul with soul combine

Now once again, sweet summer plans to leave us for a while
With days and days of goodbyes
She’s leaving us so slowly
Does she linger to remind us of the harshness of the holy?
- Those we love we won’t let go of, unless they let go of us
We believe we would give anything to postpone the loss

I like to think you now can watch time come and go,
where you are there is no working hard for love to stay and grow
With the one you want to be with
And yet you cannot share with me your code to harmony
I guess the combinations are unique and mine is there for me alone to see

Your white silk became my letting go of you
I slept nights and nights of goodbyes
Now I miss you quietly

I like to think again you laugh more than you cry,
that all the best of who you were is how you’ll be remembered
By the ones you cannot be with
Back here lives this memory, that of your soft hands holding me
Soft as the silk around my cold skin
Pure as the whiteness of this clothing
And grand as love can be
Grand as love be