1. Deuce Parade

From the recording Passage


Deuce Parade

Deuce parade
Feet next to feet
Holding hands
Eyes rest in eyes
Forming smiles
We move in pairs
Making our moves like dancers trusting choreography
To take them forwards, sidewards, onwards

Deuce parade
This is not a march but a movement
Deuce parade
We're not reaching for the stars but improvement
Or embracement
Or for somehow to unite
The way synchronic sighs can create silent understanding

Deuce parade
Face next to face
Staring ahead
Thoughts rest in thoughts
Forming parades
We move one-on-one
Making our moves like warriors knowing
They're both prey and hunter,
Chasing upwards, downwards, inwards

Deuce parade
This is not a battle it's a breakthrough
Deuce parade
We're not reaching for the truth but something to hold on to
Or relate to
Or for somehow to become visible
The way synchronic shivers can make enemies see they're the same

Deuce parade
Step next to step
Wanting peace
I rest in you
Forming futures
At times

We pause
We make no moves
Feet next to feet
Holding hands
Synchronic shivers
Synchronic sighs

End of Deuce Parade?
This one does not end it's eternal
Deuce parade
We're not here to win awards, it's fraternal
But it's fragile
And so somehow it's often incomplete
The way synchronic happiness
Seems to always have to end
To be brought back again