From the recording Glittercard


Under The Rainbow

Yes during my walk through shadows and parties
And towards what will come
Courage took me aside, told me to join her for one night
I followed her through her woods
She was naked
She was covered by the dark

The only thing there was to see was her eyes leading the way
Like a giant spotlight searching for its goal
The only thing there was to hear was her breath warming up the air
Like a radar searching for my soul

So during my walk under rainbows after parties
And towards where life laughs
I take courage aside, tell her to join me for one night
To see if she thinks what I’ve done is right
I feel naked
Though I’m covered by the dark

The only thing there is to see is how much I want you to be
The one who takes me closer to my goal
The only thing there is to hear is my breath warming up your ear
So I can feel I’m closer to your soul

I was on this journey and about to fade away
You know that when your outline is no longer black but grey
I didn't see it coming though I’m not easily surprised
I had to turn to you and tell the truth you had me paralysed

So during my walk along soft limits and heartaches
And towards whom I am
Courage lives within me, she's with me every night
Reminds me of what is right
I’m ok now
I’ve been in the woods before

What really matters to me is that you make me feel free
And that you make me want to reach my goals
And in all the things I hear and see I lay your love down next to me
So we can stay forever touching souls

I was craving for control more than I craved love
It was something I justified as my own self-saving law
But when it's time to look at what you have achieved or lost
You’ll find that all this craving stole your strength
And made you bear the cost